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In our Bakery we bake bread and rolls freshly every day. The aroma of fresh bread fills our bakery every morning giving it that cosy warm fresh bread atmosphere. If you love that fresh bread aroma, you will completely enjoy coming into our Bakery in the mornings. And you know you’ll get freshly baked bread or rolls for your sandwiches.

Our Bakery is also jam packed with cakes and sweet treats to satisfy your craving for something decadent and delightful. If you are planning on having a dinner party, birthday party or just a family gathering, you can visit us for a selection of tasty sweet treats. Our baked treats can be ordered in dozens for a party that you are catering. Just let us know how many you require and which baked treats you would like to order. You will find tantalising cakes, rich eclairs, soft croissants, delicious donuts, swiss rolls, tasty biscuits and cookies in our Bakery.

We also have a range of decadent Chateau Gateaux cakes that will tantalise your taste buds. Chateau Gateaux cakes are perfect for special occasions and birthday parties. They are also a great idea for an anniversary, special holidays and Valentine’s day.

Visit our Bakery for fresh bread and sweet treats.