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Why Choose us ?

Top Quality Meat

At United Meat Supply we provide you with the widest range of top quality meats, from beautifully prepared meat for that special occasion to fresh processed meats available daily from our counter. We also provide fresh affal, marinated lamb, beef, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables, sauces, fresh bread, cakes, prepacked pastries and a whole lot more. The variety we have is unmatched but don’t just take our word for it come visit us and we will gladly find the best quality meat for you, whilst providing you with excellent service!

Our mission is to source the best quality food products and provide you with the best quality meat. Our top quality meat is what makes us a winning team. United Meat Supply is the winner of the coveted Cleaver Award in the Red Meat Industry. So you are assured that you will receive the best meat.

Browse through our website to find out more about our range of quality food products.


  • Your first stop place to get the freshest meat!

  • Exceptionally good meat at the lowest prices!

  • Committed to high quality and excellence