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Project Description

Wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables

At United Meat Supply we have sourced fresh fruit and vegetables that you can add to you your daily health intake. Fresh fruit and vegetables have so many nutritional benefits and forms part of a healthy diet. Our fruit selection includes watermelons, papayas, grapes, apples, and other seasonal fruit. The vegetable selection is broad and includes carrots, cabbage, leeks, pumpkins, mealies, green beans, gem squash, butternut, sweet potatoes, and much more. Our wide selection of fruit and vegetables is available seasonally. Only the best and freshest fruit and vegetables are selected for our store.

The fruit selection available in our store is fresh and delicious. It makes for the perfect during the day snack and a lunch box addition. They are also great for making smoothies and juices. So get creative and blend delicious fruit drinks for you and your family. Whatever you are planning, we have a fresh fruit assortment just for you.

We want to provide you with the best as well as freshest vegetable selection so that you can cook the perfect meal for your family. Whether you are cooking, grilling or roasting the vegetables, we have the perfect vegetables for your meal.

Visit us for fresh fruit and vegetables.