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Project Description

Top quality meat products

United Meat Supply has a Butchery that is stocked with a wide range of meat products extending from a variety of red meat, chicken and polonies. Our range includes beautifully prepared meat for special occasions and fresh processed meats, of which all is available from our counter on a daily basis. We source only quality meat products to ensure that our customers receive the best. If you have any special requirements or budget, our staff will be glad to assist you.

In our Butchery you will also find affal for those traditional dishes, marinated lamb for a quick meal solution and beef for a variety of dishes. If you are preparing a dish for your family or for a party of people, you are welcome to visit our butchery. Our team will be glad to assist you with all of your meat requests.

We have a selection of meat such as steaks and chops as well as flavoured sausages that are great for every braai. Plus we have stewing steak, lamb and mutton that are perfect for stews and curry dishes. You will also be interested to know that our processed meats are quality checked and the flawless addition to a lunch sandwich.

Visit our Butchery for a wide selection of meat.